Goldeneye εκπαιδευτής Ελλάδα
Μεγάλη εμπειρία ως τεχνικός εκπαιδευτής σε micropigmentation 

Hi, my name is Soula. I hate writing about myself, because it always seems a bit 'braggy', but I guess you need to know your teacher is credible. Here goes!

I specialise in small group, in 5 day masterclasses in microblading and PMU.

I am a firm advocate that a teacher is only as good as their student’s work, and I guess I am known for my ’tell-you-all-my-secrets’ style and I have been told I am down-to-earth, and approachable.

I started as a part-time make-up artist in London, while studying to complete my Master’s degree in International Banking and finance. After receiving my diploma, I put it on my mum’s dusty bookshelf 13 year ago and never looked back!

Since then I have amassed an abundance of make-up experience, both as an artist and as a trainer. I have won international make-up competitions, have been featured in many national magazines, performed as lead make-up artist in Greece’s national fashion show, and presented my work on national TV shows in addition to studying under some of the industry’s biggest names - I currently have my own line of luxury false eyelashes in department stores sold throughout Greece.

But I was always obsessed with the idea of making my make-up results… permanent. So, I delved into the world of PMU…

I credit my extensive make-up experience with my ability to have adapted to PMU so quickly, to absorb mainstream concepts, and add a twist of make-up artistry, and a garnish of my own creativity to produce unique results.

In a short time frame I developed new techniques, such as ‘Candy Lips’: in which 6 colours are interspersed to create a 3D, ‘shimmer look’, and the ‘MicroDerma(TM) Scale’: a new eyebrow measuring technique that is designed to help beginners achieve a perfect, scalable shape for each customer - even if they have no hair.

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