São Paulo International Micropigmentation Meeting 2018

21/09/2018 по GISBERT, MARIO

Undoubtedly the SIMM'18 was one of the most eagerly awaited events of the year. Mario and the entire team have worked for many months with effort and dedication so that this event surpassed all the attendees’ expectation. And we believe that this has been the case!

This meeting has had a novel character for two reasons. First, it is a bilingual meeting both Spanish and Portuguese. Thus, micropigmentators from all over Latin America were able to attend, without any linguistic limitation, thanks to the simultaneous translation equipment. Second, this event has had a strong practical focus. Practices, practices and more practices was one of the slogans. After theoretical expositions, the almost 300 students could execute what they had learned in paper and latex, under the supervision of a 20 trainers’ team.

Multiple subjects have been addressed through an ambitious program.

The first day Mario Gisbert and Eliana Giaretta, after the opening ceremony, conveyed the importance of the parameters in order to correctly execute micropigmentation techniques. In addition, the basis of color was explained: pigmentology.

The next day Dina Gil explained her eyebrows technique Nature Tecture Brows, from ordered chaos. Elena Casado did the same with eyelids, using coloristic and shading techniques.

The third day, Sofía Terrón delighted the attendees with her lips technique. Viviane and Tábata Vianez talked about tricopigmentation scalp techniques. And Amparo Ortega moved the audience when explaining her 3D areola technique.

The last day of the congress entailed numerous conferences of high technical level. Leo Rosa, Camila Emanuele, Simone Domingos, Ana Savoy, Ana Tornisiello, Lilian Gazzi, Marli Teixeira, Vanessa Siqueira, Renata Barcelli, Lu Rodrigues, Elizabeth Mesquita. Topics were most varied: stretch marks, peculiarities of black lips, needles, depigmentation and coaching, among others.

The icing on the cake was the giving of numerous awards at the end of the meeting. Not only the winners of the various categories took their reward, but lots of courses, products, and even a mentoring for two students of Mario Gisbert himself were raffled off among all the attendees!

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