Mario Gisbert & Friends World Tour in Turkey - May 2018

09/05/2018 по GISBERT, MARIO

Mario Gisbert & Friends World Tour has made its last stop in one of the Mediterranean gems: Istanbul (Turkey), a magical city with very hospitable and friendly people.

It has been hosted by the Goldeneye Turkey distributor, Ayla Canova, and her wonderful team. During a whole day, Mario has explained the latest and most innovative techniques about Micropigmentation, raising great interest among the students, who were very attentive and receptive. It was an informative masterclass on parameters, pigmentology, lips, eyes, eyebrows, areola and scalp, focused on the current market demands.

We are still preparing very interesting activities so that you continue growing as an artist, and achieve that your clients are prettier than ever! Keep an eye on the calendar, and hope to see you at the next stop of the tour!

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