Mario Gisbert & Friends World Tour in Costa Rica - May 2018

01/06/2018 по GISBERT, MARIO

May has been very intense and productive for the Worldwide Tour: Turkey, Cartagena ... and now it's time to close up for the month with Costa Rica!

Mario Gisbert & Friends arrives for the second time to the green city of San José. Hosted by IFE, Formación Estética, and its general director, Ana Beatriz Brenes, there have been 6 fruitful days of training by the talented Dina Gil.

The participants had the opportunity to learn about the parameters that make up a technique. They also enjoyed a fun afternoon with the color games in which they digested how to combine colors and neutralize them.

The following days they deepened their knowledge of the most innovative facial micropigmentation techniques. They practiced on paper and latex and, for the last two days, they were able to apply in models everything they had absorbed.

Fantastic experience ... more and more people are coming to our tour stops. In which one will we see you? Follow us on social media for more information.

See you soon in a city very close to you!

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