Mario Gisbert & Friends World Tour in Chile - June 2018

15/06/2018 по GISBERT, MARIO

After Turkey and Costa Rica, the Mario Gisbert World Tour has arrived to Santiago de Chile, and the reception could not have been better!

Hosted by WorldMed, the 67 attendees of the Mario Gisbert & Friends World Tour event were able to see Mario Gisbert in person teaching the methodology in parameters and pigmentology, as well as the most advanced facial, scalp and areola techniques. Having sold all seats, the presentation was a great success, in an event full of news and official presentations.

It was coordinated by the official distributor of Chile, Marcela Uribe, whose team was presented at the events center of the Hotel Plaza El Bosque Nueva Las Condes, in the capital of the Andean country.

Those attending the event enjoyed the workshop and were able to interact with professionals from all over Latin America, with the presence of students from Argentina, Peru or Venezuela among others.

Mario Gisbert knew how to transmit his enthusiasm about micropigmentation and start in a country with great potential and talent to develop.

The day ended up with surprises, raffles and news that left nobody indifferent.

We hope to return to Chile soon, although now we expect you to follow us to London, where on June 25 Mario Gisbert will continue the World Tour!

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