Masterclass Micropigmentation: All topics Мероприятия

1 day


In this training, you will have a summary view on the parameters and colors and how it affects on each of the micropigmentation techniques.

In addition, you will learn about the most current techniques and the differences with others. From created under the nature pattern eyebrows to anti-aging lips as well as new trends in scalp micropigmentation or tricotemptation.

Upon completion of this masterclass, you will learn the latest innovations in micropigmentation and, those more advanced, will improve their skills and abilities in all the techniques that already dominate.


  • PARAMETERS: The Secrets for Universal Techniques
  • PIGMENTOLOGY & COLOR: Organic (vs) Inorganic; Hydrophobic (vs) Hydrophilic
  • EYEBROWS: Microblading (vs) Machine; Stardust (vs) Hyper-realistic Nanohairs
  • EYELINER: Shadows (vs) Lines
  • LIPS: Antiaging Sculpture (vs) Full Candy Lips
  • SCALP: Shaved Effect (vs) Tricotemptation
  • AREOLA: Drawing Art (vs) Oncology Team

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