Advanced Practice on Models Постоянный макияж

3 days (24hr class + 16hr self study)


This is the follow up course to Advanced 1. We will review and reinforce the knowledge and skills acquired in the Advanced 1 Course. Advanced 2 is mainly hands on training where you will be performing procedures on real models.

On completion of this module you will be ready to offer these amazing elite techniques in your salon.


16 hours Studying and practicing on mannequins at home, review of Basic 1
24 hours Classroom teaching with trainer demonstrations and all students will perform procedures on live models.

The core of our permanent makeup training is our Micropigmentation “Bible” which is accompanied by a DVD. This amazing DVD features movies with reference to pages in the book and together this makes it the ultimate micropigmentation training tool!

(“Micropigmentation, Technology, Methodology & Practice” ISBN 978-84-96699-01-4)

NOTE: After completing both Advanced 1 & 2 you will be presented with your certificate and you are ready to offer these advanced techniques in your salon.


ITEM 10 - Specific products, colouring agents (pigments)
Cosmetics for Micropigmentation | Homeopathy and natural remedies | Homeopathy and natural remedies | Para-pharmaceutical and medicinal products | Colouring agents (Pigments) Pigments – legislation | Pigments – Health risks | Pigments – Chemical characteristics | Pigments – Appearance and texture

ITEM 11 - Pigmentology I. Colour selection and perception
The colour selection process | Characteristics of the colouring agents (pigments) | The chromatic star in pigmentology | Generated colours, bi-generated colours and tri-generated colours | The colour palette | Blends | Colour variations by application method | Colour variations depending on the area to be treated

ITEM 12 - Pigmentology II. Application, evolution and correction
Application of chosen colour | Client motivation, taste and expectations | Client suggestions and advice | Undesirable colour changes

ITEM 13 - Permanent Makeup Design, Face Study
Facial morphology | Face study | Eyebrow study | Eye study | Lips study | Examples of design adaption in permanent makeup

ITEM 14 - Eyebrow, Eyeliner and Lip Design
Eyebrow design | Eyebrow enhancement techniques | Design examples for eyebrow application | Eyeliner design | Eyeliner enhancement techniques | Design examples for eyeliner application | Lip design | Lip enhancement techniques | Common corrections | Design examples for lip application

ITEM 15 - Techniques and Parameters
Geometry of movement | Angle of penetration | Depth of penetration | Variations in penetration depth | Eyeliner enhancement techniques | Advanced techniques and definitions | Technical applications | Configuration of needles

ITEM 17 - Eyebrow Application Techniques
Eyebrow application; reference points | Eyebrow application; reference lines | Hairstroke eyebrows | Bi-colour hairstroke eyebrows | 3D Tri-colour hairstroke eyebrows | Soft shading & Intense shading | Highlighting techniques | Lift effect | Camouflaging | Combination of brow techniques

ITEM 18 - Eyeliner Application Techniques
Eyeliner application; reference points | Eyelash enhancement | Lower lash enhancement | Golden eyeliner | Shading upper eyelid | Pixel shading / Smokey eyes | Colour effects | Highlight shading | Pearl effects | Champagne Sparkle

ITEM 19 - Lips Application Techniques
Lip application; reference points | Lip liner / lip contour | Lip shading | Bi-Colour effects | Volume effect | Male lips | Pigments used for lip effects


Trainer demonstrations of advanced techniques (step by step), design, choice of colour, choice of movements, techniques, needles etc.

Student Practice on live model; advanced techniques, choice of movements, techniques, colour, needle etc, approx. 6-9 treatments per student

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